The Idea

Douglas Miller

Douglas Miller

  • In order to provide an Architectural and Economic solution, Asante has created the most advanced architectural building system in the world.
  • Featuring Diamond Etherium UHPC – next generation, Ultra High Performance Concrete…a Nano-ceramic cement, Asante is joined by the top experts in the world on UHPC concrete…
  • The Inventor, Physicist, Hans Henrik Bache
  • The Inventor’s daughter, Architect, Engineer and Artist, Architect PhD, Anja Bache
  • Head Chemist and Technical Advisor,  PChem, Bjarne Rousgaard.
  • UHPC material provider, applicator and world leader in the production of UHPC from Germany, Bernd Riediger. 
  • Through a deep awareness of the creative process in Nature, Asante Founder and Visionary Artist, Douglas Michael Miller foresaw the work of UHPC’s inventor Hans Bache, combined with Organic Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Principles of Design, as the foundation for the future of architecture.
  • From our origins in Paradise and steeped in the rich tradition of Chinese and Japanese Landscape Garden Design, we continue in the lasting heritage of the great city and garden builders of the past. Understanding the nature of beauty and its influence upon human nature, Asante answers the Calling, to raise the dignity of humanity. 
  • Through beautiful works of art we imitate the creativity of the Creator. To unfold the potential of the human species, beautiful art produces new and ever better levels for existence, which did not exist previously. The geometry of the exact proportions, the engineered function of each aspect and the beauty of its aesthetic nature offer true value, real worth and real choice of enduring quality.
  • Asante is Swahili for “Thank You” expressing our gratitude for being able to help pave the future for Art, Architecture, and Infrastructure with new UHPC technologies and philosophies.

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